Sustainability is part of everything we do

We value transparent sustainability

At Crane, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and believe it is our responsibility to be a force for good in the world. We use cutting-edge sustainable design, technology, and the unique attributes of our locations to design and operate data centers that maximize energy efficiency, minimize potable water use, and reduce PUE.

CO2 Reduction

We minimize the CO2 impact of our data centers starting from the earliest phases of design and development through the entire operational lifespan of the data center.

While selecting low-carbon materials during the construction phase is important, we focus on reducing the entire carbon footprint of our projects. The CO2 impact of a poorly operating DC can easily negate any carbon reductions won during construction, so we seek to mitigate the ongoing CO2 impact of data center operations by leveraging sustainable operating methodologies, including the utilization of renewable energy.

Recycled Materials

We seek to reduce waste generated during the entire data center development lifecycle.

We are acutely aware of the potential waste creation associated with building construction and the harm to our environment. We strive to use materials and methodologies in data center construction to minimize the environmental impact of our developments.

Water Conservation

At our Portland campus, we can use recycled water for cooling thereby eliminating the use of potable water for cooling. In other geographies, we will employ the latest air cooled technology. Our focus on water efficiency leads us to utilize native plant landscaping to align with local climate conditions. We actively seek opportunities to capture and reuse waste heat.

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

We strive to use 100% renewable energy to power our data centers. We design and operate data centers that maximize energy efficiency and reduce PUE. This focus allows us to minimize the energy wasted on cooling, reducing the operational costs for our clients.